Hello Wine Lovers


I am a naturally curious person with a keen sense of adventure and an endless appetite for diversity.

I love finding that hidden gem; whether it is a cool new hole in the wall restaurant or a bottle of wine from an obscure country or a new off the beaten path travel spot. My natural instinct is to jump right in as I think I have more to lose by not doing it, than doing it and it not meeting my expectations. How do you know if you don’t try!

Fortunately for me, I followed the same methodology upon finding a “job” in the wine industry. Previous to working in the wine biz, I did a lot of things from interning in Public Affairs at the Canadian Embassy in Washington DC, to working in Strategic Planning for the Alberta Government to teaching English in a remote region of Japan. Each job had aspects that I enjoyed but none of them were able to sustain my attention for long. Before I knew it, I would do what I always did, save up enough money to go venture off to another corner of the globe. Funny, how more often than not, I would wind up in a vineyard!

Since 1999, I have worked full time in wine. To this day, it makes me smile, as it is a long time for a job I thought would last at most 6 months! Wine has not only sustained my interest, it continues to fascinate me on a daily basis. In 2004, I decided to pursue my Sommelier Certificate from the International Sommelier Guild. This turned out to be a excellent decision as my new credentials have opened many interesting doors including being a Wine Judge for Wine Access Magazine to being the Co-Host of CBC Radio 1 House Wine.

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